Polymer_ Product_ Transporter Totes

The Transporter_ 

Indestructible totes made from space age Tyvek material. Introduced in SS18 featuring EMC "Morse Code" and "Segan" screenprinted on one side and Polymer_ Word Mark on the other side.


1.) Designed to carry up to 10 vinyl records.
2.) Strong enough to transport your laptop with no worries whatsoever about ripping or tearing.
3.) Totally reusable.
4.) Can be used for shopping at your local grocery store, farmers market or department store.
5.) Washable.
6.) Great for carrying your stuff to the beach.

Warning: Do not be alarmed if people stop you on the street to ask you about the Transporter. It is a known issue and we are working on a solution. In the meanwhile, enjoy meeting new friends.

PMA001 - "EMC" Transporter

PMA002 - "Segan" Transporter