Doc_741 Cynthia Arroyo


This designer and merchandising addict Cynthia Arroyo is currently working for an interior design firm based out of heart of Long Beach. With a strong natural passion for raw materials and building things with her bare hands for work and pleasure. This little Willington, California all girl Catholic school babe, knows her way around a soldering torch and work construction sites. This Taurus spends most of her free time working on her artistic pursuits, making brass jewelry out of her typical half car garage during her free time. Smoking a mini hand rolled joints while eating some amazing authentic home made Mexican food her mama taught her how to make.  All the while catching up on her favorite TV show Rehab Addict in the comfort of her little one bedroom off Retro Row.

Cynthia is currently working for a Long Beach commercial design company called Citron Design Group. Working mainly as a Junior Designer with roles that include space planning, furniture sourcing/purchasing and overall building material librarian. Has always had a passion for raw materials and design which crosses over to her passion for small handmade sculptural jewelry. Pursuing a hobby turned passion project, Tesoro, represents all her handmade pieces whether that be bold brass necklace or hand dyed sild scarf. Follow her @cinnamin_sun to keep up with her artist journey. 

She reps Long Beach hard with a deep love because of the creative opportunities and community the city represents. If you are lucky and not too caught up looking on Instagram you may have seen her racing down 4th street on her blue Schwinn.

-Cassandra Malone