Doc_ 739: Evan Schiefelbine

Evan Schiefelbien


Evan Schiefelbine is always working on something. And whatever that something is will always surprise you. Could be an album. Could be a novel. Could be a film. Could be an interpretive dance routine set to Paula Cole’s 1996 breakout hit “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?” You just never know.

In the early aughts Evan earned a reputation for himself as a creative and stylish skateboarder. His part in Blind Skateboards’ “What If?” has withstood the test of time and is a certified classic in the skate world. Since then he’s ventured out into several fields of creative study. He’s been putting out music as Creepy Trees for nearly a decade. In 2015 he published his first novel, “The Good Fool”, a love letter of sorts to wandering, loss and the soul of the American metropolis. He has put out several short video projects and in 2019 finished a genre-defying feature length film “Rosie’s Ramona”, a mixture of beautiful and haunting visuals set to music, poetry and interviews. And all of this in his spare time. Evan has worked at Vans since 2015 and is currently the Footwear Product Manager for the Americas. Sources there tell me his presentations can only be described as interactive performance art. He is currently working on his second novel and recently adopted a kitten named Phife despite the fact that he’s allergic to cats

: Johnny Franck


- Check out the full video Rosies Ramona below:

ROSIES RAMONA from Evans on Vimeo.


- Check out the Evan's part in Blind Skateboards' "What if" video below:


- The Good Fool is available for purchase here: