Program v.4_ Polymer_ Playlist by Christine Mai Nguyen

Polymer_ Playlist by Christine Mai Nguyen 

Our amazing friend and one of the raddest humans you will ever meet made a playlist for us! Listen and enjoy Program V.4, an eclectic mix of songs and artists that will lift your soul and make the world a better place. Enjoy yourself!

About Christine Mai Nguyen

Christine Mai Nguyen, aka @chrissstttiiine, lives the Los Angeles life. Her modern minimalist style seeps into everything she does—decorating her apartment, doing makeup, putting together an outfit, and more. She believes everyone should “try to live slow,” something she helps her nearly 100K YouTube subscribers do, posting monthly vlogs of her “General Favorites.” They can be books about decorating with plants, TV shows she’s binge watching, or makeup and skincare products she loves. She also posts regularly on Instagram, where 25K+ fans follow her as she wanders the world; visiting friends in Japan, dining out in NYC, and seeing bands back in LA. No matter where she is or what she’s doing, @chrissstttiiine is always the epitome of cool.