Polymer x Commune Capital 11/9/19, 6-10 PM Group Show for LB Wilson HS Arts Program

Photos from our 11/9/19, 6-10 PM group show for the benefit of the Long Beach Wilson High School Arts Program.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the event. Thank you @communecapital@mikeytaylor the Commune Capital team @matt523@chantellelimon@weroguesc@burgess610 and the Polymer team @ryanrusselward@blua@iamchrisvelasco for doing what you do!

Special thanks to @blackbobby!

Thank you to all the artists for the amazing art and your generosity, so stoked to have all of you.

Thanks @somnium_vinyl@telegramsam_ and @livn_rm_show_lbc for spinning out the good vibes all night long.

Thanks to our sponsors!

Thank you Long Beach for once again bringing the rad vibes and again to everyone who came, THANK YOU!

Hope you Enjoyed Yourself!