Doc_ 736: Paul Reese


Paul Alan Footwear: Who We Are...

As a server in the restaurant world, I realized that buying work shoes can be daunting. They're typically not stylish, uncomfortable, poorly made or not very functional. It didn't make sense that as a member of the service industry, you had to either jeopardize style for safety with slip resistant shoes, or safety for style with everyday shoes. This is why I began the mission of building a better option of work shoes through the creation of Paul Alan™ Footwear, the service industry's first personal branded, philanthropic, slip resistant work shoe brand. 

We are the evolution and revolution of the slip resistant work shoe industry! With Paul Alan™ Footwear we will bridge the gap between work shoes and everyday shoes by providing the service industry warriors with one pair of shoes thats not only good for work but also good for play. In our quest to provide you with the best work shoes possible, we also aim to provide those in need with the fundamental necessities needed to thrive in daily life like food, health and shelter through donating 10% of proceeds to a multitude of charities.

As hard workers, we wear our work shoes more than any other shoes in our closets, yet we hate purchasing them more than all of the others. It's time for us all to streamline our lifestyles by buying one pair of shoes for all parts of our lives all the while feeding, caring for and housing those in need. Every individual deserves a chance to make strides, Paul Alan™ Footwear is here to help do so all while looking the best you can!