11/9/19 Group Show: Artist Profile - Steve Fawley

Visual artists rarely have the opportunity to draw inspiration from an arrangement of cultures outside of their native domain. Although Steve Fawley's roots stem directly out of California's varied surf/skate culture, his influences blend effortlessly from the art of underground communities to vast international landscapes. Emitting the authenticity of golden state rays, his artwork has streamed across the globe. Creating and finding time to surf he has had more than 45 exhibitions in over 6 countries including Los Angeles, New York, France, Bali, Fiji and Singapore.

Steve Fawley has managed to balance his solo excursions with eclectic collaborations between companies such as Samsung, Google, Levi Strauss, Quiksilver, Red Bull, SIMA, Insight, Drifter Bali, Uluwatu Surf Villas, KMC Wheels, Stamps Surfboards. His most recent commission comprises 100 paintings for the new Hotel Current in Long Beach California. The collection was painted at a studio in Bali, Indonesia and radiates rich colors of equatorial surf-scapes and sunsets which have grown to define his ardent style.

Fawley's current creative endeavors include expanse to his large scale abstract paintings by exploring other mediums to platform his expression through a children's book titled Something Amazing, metal/wood sculpture, weaving together graphic images & environmental installations.